Sieza Peridect+ resists seawater and reliably protects the perimeter

Sieza – Success Stories: Thermal power station in South Korea

Thermal power station located on an island in the southernmost part of Korea is installed in a place
where the strongest winds and high waves in Korea often occur. In view of the fact that the fence is
installed very close to the sea, the fence is often wet from the sea water due to high waves. A critical requirement was the reliability of the system’s detection even in case of occasional immersion in seawater.

Ticking the Boxes

  • Resistance to seawater
  • Low number of nuisance alarms
  • PSIM software integration

Because the Peridect+ system is IP67 rated, it is not prone to sensor failure due to seawater penetration. The Peridect+ system was gradually expanded and now protects the entire perimeter of the power plant. The customer is very satisfied with the reliable performance with very few false alarms even in strong winds and high waves. Peridect+ is integrated to a PSIM SW that helps the operator to detect intruders directly on the boundary of the protected area.

Spec list

  • 3x CUP+ 
  • 3x LCP+ 
  • 1098x DSP+ 
  • 2 000 m of perimeter