Sieza Peridect performs reliable deteciton and easy maintenance

Sieza – Success Stories: Water treatment plant in South Korea

Myeongdong water treatment plant is one of the water purification facilities designed to provide a
stable and continuous supply of clean water to the citizens of Gimhae City in Korea. When choosing the detection system, they focused on reliable detection, elimination of false alarms and simple and quick replacement of damaged parts.

Ticking the Boxes

  • Reliable detection
  • Low number of nuisance alarms
  • Easy maintenance

Simple construction with no moving components makes Peridect very reliable. Thanks to a unique
algorithm comparing information from neighboring detectors, Peridect reduces nuisance alarms
caused by environmental conditions. The two-wire connection between the fence sensors simplifies the installation and maintenance of the system.  The possible replacement of one detector takes about 2 minutes. No calibration is required afterwards. Peridect is hooked up to a PSIM SW that helps the operator to detect intruders directly on the boundary of the protected area.

Spec list

  • 4x PVJ
  • 892x PDS
  • 1800 m of perimeter