Sieza offers products that are used in many objects of strategic importance requiring effective perimeter protection. Our fence sensors detect and locate intruders on the fence line before they get inside the guarded area. The Peridect+ detector also provides invisible protection as an underground perimetric detection sensor. Our products thus protect the perimeters of, for example, international airports, ammunition depots, prisons, data centers or nuclear power plants.

We also offer the MDS motion detection system in addition to perimeter detection systems. This unique system detects hidden persons inside vehicles regardless of where or how they are hidden in the vehicle.


Peridect+ is a new generation of a perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) for medium-sized and large installations and suitable for various types of fences.


Peridect is a cost effective perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) for small and medium-sized installations. It can be used for different types of fences.


Peridect+ Underground is a new generation of accurate perimeter intrusion detection system that brings invisible protection of your premises.


Movement detection system (MDS) is a unique detection system of hidden persons in a vehicle. It provides very fast car inspection time and high detection efficiency.