Sieza Peridect+ increases the safety of urban water supply

Sieza – Success Stories: Water plant in Sweden

Drinking water supply fulfills a very important social function. The social disruption caused by the lack of drinking water affects the entire community, from individual residents to socially significant
businesses. The regulations require water utilities and distribution facilities to protect the quality of
drinking water from contamination by sabotage or damage and to take measures to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the facility. One of the customer’s requirements was to protect the perimeter, which has many terrain irregularities.

Ticking the Boxes

  • Reliable detection in complex terrain
  • Immune to extreme weather
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Integration with CCTV

Peridect+ installed on an existing fence represents an optimal and cost-effective solution. The ability to adjust the sensitivity of individual detectors brings reliable detection along the entire perimeter. A unique algorithm comparing information from neighboring detectors, helps the Peridect+ system reduce nuisance alarms caused by extreme weather such as cold, snow storms and strong winds. Because the Peridect+ system is IP67 rated, it is resistant to salt water. All this makes the installation site very reliable and safe.

Spec list

  • 1x CUP+ 
  • 1x LCP+ 
  • 101x DSP+ 
  • 300 m of perimeter