Sieza Peridect+ brings invisible protection to the state's critical infrastructure

Sieza – Success Stories: Distribution Fuel Depot in Poland

PERIDECT+ Underground protects one fuel depot in Poland. It is a perimeter protection of strategic importance, which belongs to the assets that are essential for the functioning of a society and economy. The mandatory requirement of the customer was a system that can provide fence and hidden (underground) detection and a system that supports integration with CCTV for visual verification.

Ticking the Boxes

  • Combination of fence and underground protection
  • Extremely low nuisance alarm rate
  • Native integration with IP cameras

During the pilot tests, our integration partner in Poland proved that thanks to the unique detection algorithms and the ability to set the sensitivity of each detector individually, Peridect+ effectively eliminates all false alarms caused by parasitic vibrations. With Onvif-S support, IP cameras are automatically directed to the intrusion area, in case of an alarm. This two-step verification makes the installation very reliable and secure.

Spec list

  •  5x CUP+
  • 1458x DSP+
  • 3 km of perimeter