Sieza Peridect+protects the Stockholm bypass

Sieza – Success Stories: Tunnels in Sweden

Stockholm Bypass is a series of underground motorway tunnels between south and north of
Stockholm. Most of this bypass, more than 17 out of 21 kilometres, is being built underground. The
whole complex has several utility tunnels. One of them is protected by Bosch camera system and
Sieza Peridect+ fence detection system. High demands were placed on the fence system. Specifically, it was necessary to install the system in winter when temperatures are below zero. The system should also support various types of fences.

Ticking the Boxes

  • Reliable detection
  • Various types of fences support
  • Installation in extreme climatic conditions
  • Integration with IP cameras

Sieza Peridect+ complied with all requirements. It was installed in -10˚C and was placed on a fence
that combines wooden and metal parts of different widths. This is possible due to the system’s ability to adjust the sensitivity of each detector. With Onvif-S support, Bosch cameras are automatically directed to the intrusion area, in case of an alarm. This two-step verification makes the installation very reliable and secure.

Spec list

  • 1x CUP+
  • 1x LCP+
  • 150x DSP+
  • 600 m of perimeter