The Sieza MDS guards a military checkpoint for the US forces base in the United Kingdom

Sieza – Success Stories: US forces base in the United Kingdom

A military checkpoint is a permanent feature where access by civilian visitors and vehicles is controlled by a military authority. One of the US forces bases in the United Kingdom receives dozens of visits a day at its checkpoint, and all cars are checked for unauthorized transport of people inside or out. The system they used so far did not work as the checkpoint guards expected. Detection of each vehicle lasted longer than 5 minutes and was unreliable with frequent jet flights over the object.

Ticking the Boxes

  • Easy transportation
  • Extremely fast detection time
  • Immediate operation

The Sieza MDS performed an inspection time of around 2 minutes and totally reliable operation in all
circumstances, mainly during the jets overflights. The great advantage of the system is its mobility and
the possibility of use anywhere in the protected zone not only at entry points.

Spec list

  • 2x MDS Mobile