Sieza Peridect protects objects of state importance

Sieza – Success Stories: Power plants in South Korea

PERIDECT Perimeter Detection System protects several power plants in South Korea. Several systems were actually tested during the selection procedure. Great emphasis was placed on the elimination of false alarms and the simple and quick replacement of damaged components. Sieza Peridect proved the best performance from all tested solutions.

Ticking the Boxes

  • Very low false alarm rate
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reliable in extreme climatic conditions
  • Simple integration with 3rd party systems

During the 14-day test, all intrusion attempts were detected and no false alarm occurred. Replacing
the detector, located on the fence, took several minutes, which was the shortest time of all systems
tested. Thanks to its easy integration, Peridect is hooked up to a graphical superstructure SW that helps the operator to detect intruders directly on the boundary of the protected area.

Spec list

  • 66x PVJ
  • 13 545x PDS
  • 30 km of perimeter