Sieza Peridect+ guards the Eurotunnel Calais Terminal

Sieza – Success Stories: Tunnel in France

The Eurotunnel Calais Terminal is a railway terminal built for the transport of road-going vehicles on specially constructed trains through the Channel Tunnel. Sieza was asked in 2017 at the APS exhibition in Paris whether we could solve the fence protection in an environment with parasitic vibrations caused by passing trains. Our integration partner in France demonstrated during pilot tests that thanks to the unique detection algorithms, Peridect+ effectively eliminates all false alarms caused by passing trains.

Ticking the Boxes

  • Reliable detection
  • Ultra low false alarm rate
  • Redundancy

Since the system was deployed in 2018, several attempts to climb the fence and enter the Eurotunnel have been detected. Due to the low number of false alarms and reliable detection in 2018, Eurotunnel decided to extend the protected perimeter length to the current 4,1km in 2019. Peridect+ is deployed in redundant (master/slave) mode to back up the system in case of detection line interruption or a short circuit.

Spec list

  • 6x CUP+
  • 8x LCP+
  • 1 460x DSP+
  • 4,1 km of perimeter