Sieza Peridect+ has complied with the ring redundancy requirement

Sieza – Success Stories: Fuel depots in Poland

PERIDECT+ protects several fuel depots in Poland. It is a perimeter protection of strategic importance. The redundancy of the whole system was a mandatory requierment in this project. Sieza was the only manufacturer that met the specification. Ring connection with one control unit and two line controllers (master/slave) is used for system back up in case of detection line interruption or a short circuit.

Ticking the Boxes

  • Ring redundancy
  • Native IP support
  • Reliable in extreme climatic conditions
  • Simple system expansion in the future

Our installation partner appreciates the modular concept that makes it very easy to expand and
service the system. Reliability in extreme climatic conditions is the matter of fact. Thanks to its native IP support, Peridect+ is hooked up to a graphical superstructure SW that helps the operator to detect intruders directly on the boundary of the protected area.

Spec list

  • 13x CUP+
  • 26x LCP+
  • 4 353x DSP+
  • 13,3 km of perimeter