Sieza Peridect Hidden reliably serves in complicated environment

Sieza – Success Stories: Power Substations France

The 440 kV and 225 kV HV substations Henri-Paul are located in the village of Écuisses. The whole
area is fenced and protected by Peridect. Invisible detection was one of the mandatory requirements of RTE, the operator of this substation. Great emphasis was put on elimination of nuisance alarms in conditions of close high-voltage transmission lines and high-speed TGV trains running close to the fence. Another requirement was integration with a camera system.

Ticking the Boxes

  • Invisible detection and protection
  • Immune to passing trains
  • Immune to electric power transmission lines
  • Native integration with CCTV system

Detectors are installed inside the fence poles and stay invisible to potential intruder. A unique
algorithm comparing information from neighboring detectors, helps the Peridect system reduce false alarms caused by passing trains. Thanks to the CCTV integration, Peridect prealarm triggers a
particular camera and helps the operator to detect intruders directly on the boundary of the protected area

Spec list

  • 6x PVJ
  • 600x PDS
  • 3,5 km of perimeter