Sieza Peridect+ meets the requirements for an intelligent and accurate detection system

Sieza – Success Stories: Public transport depot in the Netherlands

Peridect was successfully installed in a tram depot in Amsterdam. Our partner who made the
installation describes the customer’s requirements and the benefits of the system. The behavior of the system was so excellent that the customer ordered Peridect+ for two more depots a few weeks after installation.

“We were contacted by the customer, a public transport provider in a large city, to redesign the security system of one of their tram depots. This specific tram depot was being enlarged beause of an increased capacity. As there was little space between the outside fence and the tracks we could not apply for active infrared detection. One of the specific demands in the security design from the customer is a two layer detection shell which consist out of different methods and a fast detection of intruders. Therefor we have chosen to detect on the fence as the first layer and laser detection as a second layer. The perimeter detection is supported by PTZ, fixed and thermal camera’s and operated from a 24/7 control room.

Because of the length and different circumstances of the fences around the depot we wanted to use an intelligent and accurate fence detection system. This is why we choose Peridect+ to integrate into the solution for this depot. Since we have installed this system we already received orders from this customer to upgrade the fence detection system for two other locations.”

P.D. Heuker of Hoek

CEO of Seceurtronics Security Systems

Spec list

  • 1x CUP+
  • 2x LCP+
  • 1x LAN IOP+
  • 321x DSP+
  • 1 km of perimeter