VOICEGUARD is a fully automated early warning system that collects information from various sensors (water level, clouds, ammonia, etc.). All information is securely transmitted through an independent radio network and evaluated on the main server. In case of a possible threat, Voiceguard plays a pre-recorded alert to a particular zone or allows live broadcasting from a mobile phone or SW / HW microphone console. The system may be linked to national or regional warning systems.

Features & Benefits


In cases where a traditional siren fails, this outage affects a large area. VoiceGuard uses multiple speakers with lower SPL covering the same area. If one horn speaker fails, only a small sector would be affected.


In emergency situations, it is important to understand the content of the audio broadcast. Precisely chosen horn spekaers and audio codecs used for RF transmission, deliver superior audio quality and intelligibility.

Power back up

VoiceGuard system is fully backed-up for 72h. (5 broadcasts per day, 140s each).


Each call point (group of horn speakers) can be addressed individually or in zones. This gives you the possibility to address the broadcast to relevant recipients only.

Independence from mobile networks

Voiceguard uses an independent radio network that will work even if the mobile network fails or gets overloaded.

Integration with national warning systems

VoiceGuard can be easily integrated with national/regional warning systems over IP based API. VoiceGuard may send information about a potential threat to the national warning system or receive a command to trigger the alert.

Digital signage support

Visual alert is displayed on external LED/LCD panels in cases of an emergency. Text messages (SMS) are also supported.

EU funding

Up to 70% of total cost investment can be covered from EU grants based on EU directive 60/2007.








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