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Have you lost/overwritten your Peridect+ configuration?


  1. Type IP address of your CUP+ unit into your favourite web browser and press Enter.
  2. Go to „Download“ -> „Configuration history“ and find the relevant configuration from the history (year/month/day).
  3. To save the configuration file make a right click on the file link and press „Save link as..“.
  4. Upload stored file to CUP+ with Peridect+ GUI.
Step 1 and 2
Step 3 and 4

Do you have problems to get connected with CUP+ from Peridect+ GUI?


  1. Please make sure that you are trying to reach correct IP address. If DHCP is on, use IP scanner to discover the proper IP assigned to CUP+.
  2. Double check that the firewall is not blocking the communication.
  3. Make sure your Peridect+ GUI version is equal to the FW version in CUP+. If you need the GUI, please contact us at
Incompatible version

Do you get the message "CUP and PC has different time" in Peridect+ configuration software (GUI)?


  1. Time difference between PC and CUP+ might cause the malfunction of the whole system.
  2. Connect to CUP+ from GUI and set up current time in "Peridect+" -> "Device Management" -> "Set up time" and use "Load time from PC".
  3. Disconnect from CUP+.
  4. Connect to CUP+ again and the time is synchronized (error message has disapeared).
different time

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