Peridect+ Underground

PERIDECT+ Underground protects objects or areas from intrusion by unauthorized persons. Buried detection netting brings an invisible and reliable defence. Thanks to trusted technology behind Peridect+, our underground solution provides high detection accuracy and extremely low false alarm rate. The system combines advantages of triboelectric detection and unique Peridect+ evaluation algorithms. Peridect+ Underground protects the perimeter of power plants, prisons, civil and military airports, factories, but also villas and other applications with high-security demand.

Features & Benefits

Extremely low false alarm rate

Thanks to pressure-vibration detection and Peridect+ evaluation algorithms Peridect+ Underground dramatically reduces false alarms caused by weather conditions.

Perimeter length

Length of protected area can be hundreds of kilometers if you cascade CUP+ control units. One CUP+ covers up to 3km of your perimeter.

Detection Accuracy

Thanks to addressable sensors Peridect+ Underground supports very high detection accuracy – typically 3m.


Modular architecture of Peridect+ Underground allows easy modification and system extension in the future.

burried and fence sensors at one detection line

Peridect+ can be installed on all common types of fencing but also on non-standard fencing like metal plates and welded decorative fences. A combination of fence and buried detectors at one detection line supported.

Native integration with IP cameras

In case of intrusion detection, the external IP PTZ camera is automatically directed to move to the intrusion area for two-step verification.







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